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Insider's Guide to Melaka with Kids 子供と楽しむマラッカガイド

Food in Melaka: Coconut Milkshake

Coconut milk shake in Klebang has been one of the popular places for even tourists to stop by in Melaka. It is cool and refreshing after queuing up under the sun, especially with the vanilla ice cream topping. However, although the topping looks tempting, I think it is not the best combination because it covers up the fresh coconut flavor of the milk shake. I wished the ice cream can also be coconut flavor, rich and creamy like the ones from popular coconut ice cream shop, Bikini Toppings, from Jonker Street.

Then I have coincidentally found the exact coconut milk shake I had dreamed of, just near by The Shore and Ramada Hotel.

The milk shake is thick and creamy with pieces of fresh coconut meat, and with this time, a coconut ice cream topping. Definitely value for money @4rm a shake!


Food in Melaka: Authentic Penang Assam Laksa at Uncle Low Cafe

Melaka is famous for coconut milk based Nyonya Laksa but you cannot miss out on the best Penang Asam Laksa in Melaka because it is made by true Penagees at Uncle Low Cafe.

Asam Laksa is served in a fish based broth with thick tapioca mixed noodle. It is somewhat similar to tom yam for the asam (sour) and spicy taste but rather sweet and delicate with fish chunks/flakes, garnished with fresh mint, thinly sliced cucumber and shallot, and crispy bean curd skin.

Some Asam Laksa can be fishy and tangy but Uncle Low’s Asam Laksa has the perfect balance of all flavors from the ingredients that you can easily finish up the whole bowl without a single drop of soup remaining. 

 Besides the famous Assam Laksa, they also serve Prawn Mee, Mee Soup, and Jawa Mee, all in authentic Penang style. 


Uncle Low Cafe
, 332, Lorong Tengkera Jaya, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Operation Hours: 8:30am-4pm Closed on Thursday


Kids Playground at AEON Jusco Melaka Shopping Centre, Ayer Keroh

F21 & F22, Tingkat 1, AEON Melaka Store & Shopping Centre, Leboh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka, Malaysia  +606 – 232 1397

WaiWaiPark is a fun and safe indoor entertainment center originating from Japan. 

Compared to the other house brand, Kidzooona, WaiWaiPark is slightly cheaper and has more athletic area for toddlers to play. 

Next to the playground is an amusement game area called Mollyfantacy with kiddy rides such as SL train and merry-go-around and more games for older kids.

Make sure to bring a pair of socks to enter the playground and a jacket as it gets chilly while watching your kids. 

室内遊び場 WaiWaiPark(AEON モール マラッカ・アイルケロー)


F21 & F22, Tingkat 1, AEON Melaka Shopping Centre, Leboh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka +606 – 232 1397

マラッカにはAEON系列の別ブランド キッズーナが2つほどあり、遊びを通して学ぶことをテーマとしていますが、こちらのWaiWaiParkは身体を動かして思いきり遊ぶことを目的としているような印象で、ベビーよりは幼児以上向けかと思います。



Food in Melaka: Pirate Coffee for take out (Ujong Pasir)

If you are looking for a nice iced coffee to kill your thirst or to kick start your afternoon, stop by at Pirate Coffee for a quick take out. 

Although it is not the finest coffee made by a barista but as a casual drink, you will be quite amazed with the variety of flavors and additional toppings they have to choose from. 
Their crispy kuih popia, coated with sweet chili sauce, is also recommended. 
The stall is located in front of 7eleven on Ujong Pasir, opens from 1:30pm (official operation hours: 1pm-7pm, Sunday off) 

Hotel Rosa Malacca and Bica & Co. Cafe (Melaka)

Rosa Melaka is a modern and stylish 3 star hotel newly opened in Feb 2017 and suddenly became one of the most popular accommodations in Melaka for the 5 star experience you can get.  

Rosa Malacca official website, Facebook 

A cafe dining, Bica & Co. is located on the 1st floor that is also open for public which will be a perfect place for a quick getaway even for locals. 

Bica & Co. on Facebook 

Cafe Menu

Food in Melaka: Hakka Lei Cha (Kampung Lapan)

Lei Cha (擂茶) is a traditional Hakka rice dish served with nutritious condiments accompanying with a special green tea soup. 

Lei Cha means “grounded tea” and it is also known as “thunder tea rice” because of the sound to pound all the ingredients together to make the soup resembles thunder. 

Being a Japanese, i would instantly relate this dish to “ochazuke,” which is a traditional instant meal that you pour tea on top of rice with simple seasoning, and the dark green soup to green tea maccha.

However, although the concept is similar, the moment you taste Lei Cha, you will be in a shock to find how flavourful it is. It took me a second to overcome the surprise and then finally started enjoying the harmony of this gratifying bowl.

Each condiments have different texture, diced vegetables are fresh and crunchy, some are fried or marinated with oil, salt, or garlic, and the roasted nuts adds the crispiness. Preserved radish and firm tofu, again chopped into small pieces, adds savouriness to it. All of these are placed on a layer of either regular rice, puffed rice, or even without any rice of your choice. 

The bowl is served together with a hot green soup, made of variety kinds of herbs, such as mint and basil, and pounded together with nuts and grains. It does not have saltiness to the soup itself but instead you will find the freshness of the mint and slight bitterness as aftertaste. 
This dish does not stand alone but must be eaten all mixed together including the soup and thats how the magic happens. You will appreciate each bite as a source of energy and it gives you a detoxified feeling. Definitely a must try food in Melaka. 


8, Jalan Kenanga 3/21, Taman Kenanga Mewah, 75200 Melaka 

Business Operation: 8:30am until finish, usually around noon, Thursday and Friday off

Food in Melaka: Tanjung Mee Goreng

I have been a huge fan of mee goreng at this shop for a very long time and still haven’t found anywhere else that serves a plate as addictive as this one here. 
The dish is fried with either prawn or chicken of your choice, fishcake, and green vegetables, served with slices of cucumber and onion as topping with a lime to squeeze. 

The mee is nicely coated in cilli red colour, different from majority of mee goreng seasoned with dark soya sauce that adds sweet flavour. As you can imagine, the spiciness stands out even from the moment you smell it, but the combination of all ingredients do the magic to keep you craving for bite after bite.  

I usually go with mee and kuey tiao mix, and some people like to add an fried egg. They also serve mien fen gao and fried rice that are kids’ favourites.


Tanjung Mee Goreng 順興茶餐室 Restaurant Sin Hin Facebook 

Jalan Pm3, Plaza Mahkota 

Open for breakfast until lunch

ローカルフード 屋台村の楽しみ方









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そんな数多くのベジタリアンレストランの中でもオススメなのがSoon Wong Vegetarian Restaurant。とにかく安くて美味しい。決してモダンでおしゃれなお店ではないけれど、居心地のよい雰囲気でローカルに人気のお店です。





Soon Wong Vegetarian Restaurant 

209 Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho

営業時間: 6:00am-3:00pm

Food in Melaka: Soon Wong Vegetarian Restaurant


There are increasing number if vegetarian restaurants in Melaka but Soon Wong Vegetarian Restaurant has been my top choice for a long time. 

It is a self service buffet with variety of items to choose from. Their selection changes everyday and nothing will disappoint you.  

If you have difficulty choosing which items to take, highly recommend their signature curry with big chunks of cabbage, long beans, and eggplant, and also wok cooked green veggie that changes daily is always crunchy and exquisitely sweet. 

Free Chinese tea is situated next to the casher, but other usual drinks are also available to order when paying. Besides the buffet, there are also different types of soup noodles, needless to say all vegan.

Price range is 4-8RM depends on the volume, but it always feels way too reasonable for the superb quality of food.


Soon Wong Vegetarian Restaurant 

209 Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho

Business hours: 6:00am-3:00pm

気軽に立ち寄れる遊び場 (マラッカMahkota Parade Parkson モール)

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マラッカ中心にあるMahkota Parade Parksonショッピングモールには、子連れに優しいサービスと、大人気の屋内型キッズ施設のキッズーナ、そして気軽に遊べる便利なスポットがいくつかあります。

Family Fun Ride (2階)子供達に大人気のゴーカート。足元のボタンを踏むだけで動き、速度(早い/遅い)と方向(前進/後退)を手元のスイッチで切り替えることができます。未就園児は大人の付き添いが必要かと思いますが、幼児は1人で運転できるはずです。営業時間は午前11時から午後9時半までとなっていますが、時間通りに始まることが少ないため、午後12時頃目指して行かれることをおすすめします。定休日は毎週水曜日、平日午後1-3時まで昼休みなのでお忘れなく。

Wonderland Amusement ゲームセンター(2階)こちらは10代の若者に人気のスポットです。アーケードゲームや小さい子供用のコインで動く乗り物もありますが、全体的にとてもレトロな雰囲気が漂っています。個人的には照明が暗いかなと思います。

Seleria フードコート内の遊び場 (2階)子連れでの食事はいつになっても大変が、こちらのフードコートは広々していて奥には遊び場があるので少しは楽に食事ができるはずです。子供達にも食べやすい、クレイポットチキンライス、チャークエイティアオ、チェンドルなどのローカルフードが楽しめます。

マクドナルド内の遊び場 (G階)こちらのマクドナルドには後方に隠れていますが、小規模な遊び場があります。一息つくにはちょうどいい環境です。

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