I have been a huge fan of mee goreng at this shop for a very long time and still haven’t found anywhere else that serves a plate as addictive as this one here. 
The dish is fried with either prawn or chicken of your choice, fishcake, and green vegetables, served with slices of cucumber and onion as topping with a lime to squeeze. 

The mee is nicely coated in cilli red colour, different from majority of mee goreng seasoned with dark soya sauce that adds sweet flavour. As you can imagine, the spiciness stands out even from the moment you smell it, but the combination of all ingredients do the magic to keep you craving for bite after bite.  

I usually go with mee and kuey tiao mix, and some people like to add an fried egg. They also serve mien fen gao and fried rice that are kids’ favourites.


Tanjung Mee Goreng 順興茶餐室 Restaurant Sin Hin Facebook 

Jalan Pm3, Plaza Mahkota 

Open for breakfast until lunch