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Insider's Guide to Melaka with Kids 子供と楽しむマラッカガイド


April 2017

Kids Playground at AEON Jusco Melaka Shopping Centre, Ayer Keroh

F21 & F22, Tingkat 1, AEON Melaka Store & Shopping Centre, Leboh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka, Malaysia  +606 – 232 1397

WaiWaiPark is a fun and safe indoor entertainment center originating from Japan. 

Compared to the other house brand, Kidzooona, WaiWaiPark is slightly cheaper and has more athletic area for toddlers to play. 

Next to the playground is an amusement game area called Mollyfantacy with kiddy rides such as SL train and merry-go-around and more games for older kids.

Make sure to bring a pair of socks to enter the playground and a jacket as it gets chilly while watching your kids. 


室内遊び場 WaiWaiPark(AEON モール マラッカ・アイルケロー)


F21 & F22, Tingkat 1, AEON Melaka Shopping Centre, Leboh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka +606 – 232 1397

マラッカにはAEON系列の別ブランド キッズーナが2つほどあり、遊びを通して学ぶことをテーマとしていますが、こちらのWaiWaiParkは身体を動かして思いきり遊ぶことを目的としているような印象で、ベビーよりは幼児以上向けかと思います。



Food in Melaka: Pirate Coffee for take out (Ujong Pasir)

If you are looking for a nice iced coffee to kill your thirst or to kick start your afternoon, stop by at Pirate Coffee for a quick take out. 

Although it is not the finest coffee made by a barista but as a casual drink, you will be quite amazed with the variety of flavors and additional toppings they have to choose from. 
Their crispy kuih popia, coated with sweet chili sauce, is also recommended. 
The stall is located in front of 7eleven on Ujong Pasir, opens from 1:30pm (official operation hours: 1pm-7pm, Sunday off)

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