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Tudung Fashion in Melaka


Tudung is a head scarf worn over the head by Muslim women in Malaysia. It is also called Hijab in Arabic term. 

Tudung comes in all kinds of fashionable designs, from solid colour, colourful flowers, embroidered, to something modern and trendy.  Sometimes hotels and banks supply tudung to their staff with their company logo on it too. 

There are many different ways to wear tudung and also the pins used to secure them come in variety of designs. 

While most Malay women in Melaka wear tudungs, I occasionally run across women without them. Some say it is part of women’s rights to choose whether or not to wear them.



Read in English

マレーシアの華人は中国ほど大きくお祝いしないらしいけど、汤圆tang1yuan2 、いわゆる白玉ぜんざいを食べます。その家庭やお店によってカラフルなものや餡が入ってるもの、浮かべる甘いスープにも、黒糖、生姜、香り付けにパンダンなどを入れて煮たりと多種多様。

“Tang yuan” for Winter Solstice Festival


21 December, in the northern hemisphere is the Winter Solstice which celebrates the beginning of true winter, having the shortest day of the year.

In Japan, on this day, known as 冬至”touji,”we eat pumpkin to ward off colds and take yuzu (citrus) bath to warm our body and smoothen the skin. However, maybe because it is not that of a famous occasion, I have never got to practice these.

Surprisingly, in China, this 冬至”dongzhi” is one of the biggest festivals of the year, where families get together, reunite, and celebrate with a feast.

Here in Malaysia, it seems like the Chinese do not celebrate as big as people in China, but still make and eat 汤圆 “tang yuan,” which is small balls of glutinous rice symbolises unity, served in sweet soup.

Depends on the traditional family recipes or the restaurants serving just for this day, the dumplings come in different colours, some having fillings, so as the sweet broth, seasoned with gula melaka, ginger, and/or pandan leaves.
I remember it was my first traditional event to participate, after coming to Malaysia, helping my in-laws kneading and rolling the dumplings. After so many years, it seems like my kids got to make the “tang yuan”at their school, this time.

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