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Insider's Guide to Melaka with Kids 子供と楽しむマラッカガイド



Useful services and information

Hotel Rosa Malacca and Bica & Co. Cafe (Melaka)

Rosa Melaka is a modern and stylish 3 star hotel newly opened in Feb 2017 and suddenly became one of the most popular accommodations in Melaka for the 5 star experience you can get.  

Rosa Malacca official website, Facebook 

A cafe dining, Bica & Co. is located on the 1st floor that is also open for public which will be a perfect place for a quick getaway even for locals. 

Bica & Co. on Facebook 

Cafe Menu


Rental Kids Trolly and Nursing Room at Mahkota Parade Parkson (Melaka)


Mahkota Parade Parkson is one of the oldest shopping malls in Melaka that most people have a chance to visit during thier stay.  

If you are shopping with kids, you might want to utilize these services. 

Kids trolley is available for rent at the service counter at the main entrance. It runs out quite fast especially on the weekends. 

The baby care room is located at the 1st floor near Popular book shop. It is very well maintained with nursing rooms, washing point, and diaper changing station. Restricted to female entry only and there is constantly a security staff at the counter. 

Hope you enjoy shopping! 

Parking Coupons on Dashboard


Parking coupons are a must item for drivers in Malaysia. If you see a small counter at the roadside, usually near a big parking area, buy a bundle and keep them in your vehicle. 

The one on the left is for half an hour and the one on the right is for an hour use. Whenever you are parking your car on the street, you need to scratch the date and the time and place them on the dashboard of your vehicle.

For instance, if your going to be parking for an hour and a half from now, you need to scratch off the date and the current time for the 1 hour card, then you also need to take out the half an hour card to scratch off the time as a continuation. Place them on the dashboard and you are all set!

People on the motorcycle will be checking these card against the front window. If you were unfortunate and received a ticket, the penalty will be 100RM or 50RM if paid within a week.

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